rrdedit.pl - Command line tool for edir RRDs

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rrdedit.pl - Command line tool for edir RRDs

Rarylson Freitas
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I'm developing a command line tool for edit RRDs, like add/delete DS, and add/resize/delete RRA.

I started the project only a few days ago, and I'm using the RRDs and RRD::Editor perl modules.

This project is in GitHub: https://github.com/rarylson/rrdedit

Today, I see that two others interesting libraries exists for similar purposes. For example, the rrdmerge command line tool (https://github.com/jbuchbinder/rrd-merge and https://bitbucket.org/ctheune/rrdmerge/overview) and the RRD::Tweak perl module (https://github.com/ssinyagin/perl-rrd-tweak). Maybe I'll use these modules too in my project.