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Tobis CD Wishlist

Tobias Oetiker

First thanks very much to all those who have ordered cds from my wish
list ... music is just great ... and has a very motivating effect on me when
it comes to spend my nights coding ...

Recently there have been many problems with CDNOW, where I kept my
wish list ... I have now moved it to Amazon which seems to do a much
better job in this respect.

So if you have been thinking about sending a CD but had trouble with
CDNOWs wish list system, give it another try (hint hint ... :-))

I have setup a redirector page to be more flexible in the future:

it will always get you to the MRTG and RRDtool appreciators Wish list ...


PS: I disagree with amazons patent stuff, so don't mention it unless you
    know another CD store with wish list feature ...
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