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RRD Font Question

Eric Schoeller

I just recently upgraded one of our systems running rrdtool, and I'm
seeing some different behavior with the font engine. Attached are two
graphs created with the same graphing software (Cacti) using all of the
same options. old.gif shows what our graphs used to look like, new.gif
shows the odd font behavior.

Not only do we have these escape backslashes present in front of colons,
but the overall clarity of the font is much worse. I didn't change
anything in the application generating these graphs, but the entire O/S
was changed from RHEL5 to RHEL6, along with numerous custom libraries
and packages. I can't tell if it's a different font, or if this is an
anti-aliasing issue. If you have an idea of where I should be looking,
it would be helpful. I have very little direction at the moment.

A snippet of the rrdtool command:

--alt-autoscale-max \
--lower-limit=0 \
COMMENT:"From 2013/05/18 16\:23\:45 To 2013/05/19 16\:23\:45\c" \
COMMENT:"  \n" \
--vertical-label='requests per second' \
--slope-mode \
--font TITLE:10: \
--font AXIS:8: \
--font LEGEND:8: \
--font UNIT:8: \



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