How to maintain of solid wood floor skill!

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How to maintain of solid wood floor skill!

Solid Wooden floor the market in last few years hotter and hotter, solid wood floor has nature of free from contamination, decorative pattern, elegance to answer heavy, rich qualitative sensibility, flexibility is true wait for an advantage, it is the first selection material of laid of the floor in domestic decorate, so how to maintain solid wood floor? Follow below will see solid wood floor maintain skill.

1, the clog is put

In the home if have for example the heavy-duty object such as piano or the furniture that have acerb part, need matting bolster plate, cannot put directly in wooden floor surface, of the clog put what should be centered in the house at the same time, let motion of across floor freedom won't have wriggle through the earth.

2, waterproof

If do not take care to be aspersed on solid wood floor,leaked water, even if of a few, also want to use delicate dishcloth in time to be wiped clean, keep dry, lest drive burnish, cause warp, craze and mildew and rot even.

3, fire prevention
The stub that did not go out and match lever, cannot lose at will go up, rice cooker of electric stove, report, electric iron, electric iron, in did not place good prevent light, before preventing layer of very hot mat, cannot place at will above, otherwise floor of easy and burnable wood.

4, prevent bilge

What notice to retain a floor board at ordinary times is clean with cleanness, suck dirt and young broken other people via commonly used cleaner, especially strong record grain, beautiful board is blown easily when ambulate.

5, prevent damage

Do not wear the shoe that contains a hammer to walk to solid wood floor, a few coarse, ponderosity and hardness compare tall article, cannot put on solid wood floor directly, delimit in case brush.
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