As a way to make the pressure gauge is usually employed to get a longer time, stress gauges call for continuous maintenance and corrosion manage measures

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As a way to make the pressure gauge is usually employed to get a longer time, stress gauges call for continuous maintenance and corrosion manage measures

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1, following a period of use and beneath stress, pressure gauge movement

It truly is inevitable there are going to be some deformation and wear, stress gauges may cause all sorts of errors and failures. So as to assure the accuracy of its original worth devoid of passing false, need to be replaced in an effort to assure correct, safe and dependable.

2, stress gauges need to be cleaned consistently. Since the stress inside isn't clean, will raise the mechanical wear and tear, thereby affecting its normal operate, critical causes the pressure meter, scrapped.

three set up stress gauge, the pressure parts, in accordance with the JJG52-1999 guidelines, its calibration cycle is commonly no greater than six months. Related to production safety and environmental monitoring stress gauges, test cycle must be in accordance together with the test procedures, which might be less than six months; if mining circumstances, test period must be shorter.

Vibration proof diaphragm pressure gauge
Vibration proof diaphragm pressure gauge

four, parts on the stress wave, heavy use and need a larger degree of accuracy, as well as security needs far more stringent, but verification cycle ought to be shortened because the case may be.

4 with the following 11 kinds of pressure gauges need compulsory certification:

1, for stress gauges expected compulsory certification of safety shield. Consists of the following 7 categories:

1) measurement of master cylinders and feedwater stress components of your boiler;

2) stationary air compressor air cartridge and duct pressure measurements;

3) generators, gas turbine locomotives and oil pressure pressure measurement;

4) healthcare autoclaves, autoclave stress measurements;

5) pressure measurement with alarm devices;

six), stress vessel and stress measurements;

7) dangerous, toxic, corrosive severe media stress measurements. (For instance: Bourdon tube pressure gauges, remote transmission and electric make contact with pressure gauge).

Table 2, for the security of wind pressure necessary compulsory certification. Namely: in mine roadway of wind stress and wind speed measurements. (One example is, air stress gauge, anemometer for mine for mine).

three, for the oxygen gauge necessary compulsory certification of safety shield. Incorporate the following two categories:

1) throughout the course of filling oxygen cylinders oxygen monitoring stress measurements;

2) explosive, affecting security in the process of measurement of oxygen stress.

four, for the compulsory examination for medical oxygen gauge of well being. Buoy kind oxygen inhaler for hospital oxygen measurement of oxygen pressure and oxygen therapy gear.

Standard diaphragm pressure gauge
Standard diaphragm pressure gauge

Anti-corrosion measures

Corrosion of your casing:

1, the usage of the environment recommends that the shell casing made of stainless steel or corrosive gas shells spray with PTFE in order to prolong service life of pressure gauges;

2 housing elevated protection levels, applying a wet environment advised, in case the outside gets into a table, increase service life of stress gauges.

Wetted part corrosion:

1 the Common corrosive medium, in the event the corrosion of stainless steel Spring 1-2, can use an ordinary stainless steel pressure gauges, installation, the tubing need to be short, cushion coil when essential to switch to a buffer tank to stop impurities plug.

Flange type diaphragm pressure gauge
Flange type diaphragm pressure gauge

two, if the media has goal corrosion on stainless steel and copper, buffer tanks use isolation tanks may be added corrosion-resistant spacer fluid. Liquid-resistant forms of isolation is usually selected according to the nature with the medium, but demands the use of more than half a year isn't poor at all. Couldn't apply ordinary spacer available chlorine fluorine oil as isolating liquid, however the value is extremely costly, it insulates the bottle to do slightly, disassembly to recycle reuse fluorine oil.

three, diaphragm sort stress gauges is usually employed, there's molybdenum stainless steel, Hastelloy, tantalum chip, methyl silicone oil delivery, among the diaphragm and trajectory manage pressure, minimum variety is often 0~100kPa, in the event the patch material can also be not resistant to rot, you can add a layer of F46 (Poly-fluorinated ethylene propylene) membrane, but reduced end of instrument sensitivity. Also can directly use F46 diaphragm, but bearing in mind the permeability of the medium, to high temperature and oil medium transmission fluid can use fluorine oil ban.